Debunking Commonly-Believed Myths About Online Gambling

Debunking Commonly-Believed Myths About Online Gambling

Gambling has been a part of human culture for as long as humans have existed. Throughout the numerous civilizations that have existed through the centuries, people have been placing wagers, playing games of chance, and competing for revenue. Also throughout that time, gambling has changed and adapted to better suit the time. In the mid-to-late 90s, the digital age first got off the ground. And it was during the 90s that online gambling first began.

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What is iGaming?

Online gambling, or iGaming, refers to the numerous websites that offer gambling games and sports betting. From slots, to poker, to football coverage, these websites tend to have it all. For an example, we can take a look at websites like the Swiss online casino Casino777, where you can find all the popular games.

These websites are largely safe and secure. However, back in the 90s, most online gambling websites went under-regulated. Due to the lack of regulation, many online casinos have received a bad rep, that still endures today. So, in this article, we would like to go over some commonly-held misconceptions regarding the iGaming industry.

Gambling Websites Are Unsafe”

One of the most popular beliefs that people have regarding online gambling is that the industry is unsafe. The belief has some merit. However, it isn’t as simple as saying all of the iGaming industry is dangerous.

The simple truth is this: when it first got off the ground, iGaming went unregulated. This fact resulted in many websites with unchecked odds. In other words, players were facing rigged games, and often getting scammed out of their money.

However, we can say with a degree of certainty, that online gambling in 2023 is just as safe as land-based gambling. There are a few steps you need to take, but you can find excellent websites, with fair odds, and fun games.

The first thing to remember is that you must always look for a license. Licenses are sort of stamps-of-approval, issued by national or internationally-approved commissions. Your best bet is to sign up with a casino licensed by your own country. However, if offshore gambling websites are what you prefer, then the following licenses are the most trusted and respected:

  • Malta Gambling Association
  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • Curacao Gambling License

Apart from these three, you will also find that most countries affiliated with the European Union issue trustworthy licenses and operate safe casinos.

Gambling Websites Lead to Gambling Problems”

Another popularly held belief is that online gambling leads to gambling problems. Unlike the safety concern, this myth does not have much of a basis in reality. Of course, all gambling establishments, both land-based and online, can lead to a problem. However, online casinos do much more to promote safe and responsible gambling than most brick-and-mortar establishments.

For one thing, every web casino has a full page dedicated to responsible gambling. Within this page, they explain the risks of attending a casino, and link to numerous organizations that can help with the issue. Online casinos often partner up with gambling addiction prevention organizations, to ensure a safe environment for their user base.

On top of that, online casinos also monitor their player base’s activity. This means that they can ensure a player does not go overboard. In fact, websites retain the right to temporarily block a user’s account, if they believe that said user is at risk. So, in many ways, online casinos might be safer than their land-based counterparts.

It is Impossible to Win”

Another relatively common-held opinion is that it is impossible to win online. And once again, this myth has no bearing in reality. Online casinos, and especially online slots to which this myth is most commonly attributed, offer just as much of a chance to win as land-based establishments.

We’ve all heard the stories about bettors or gamblers who’ve gone to place a bet online, and have come out with thousands if not millions of dollars. Not to mention, there are well-respected professional gamblers in the world, who make their money gambling online. So, obviously, it is entirely possible to win money when gambling online.

So, if that is the case, then where does this misconception come from? Well, as we said earlier, when online gambling first got its start, websites went largely unregulated. What this means is that they could set the Return to Player and volatility rates incredibly high. And while it was still possible to win, it was a lot more difficult. Resulting in the idea that it is impossible to win online.

However, as we said, online gambling has changed quite significantly since the early days. With more and more countries legalizing the practice, the industry is much better regulated. Of course, with better regulation also come more customers. If we look at the numbers, the online gambling industry has grown worldwide, with more people gambling today than ever before, at least online.

The Longer I Play, the More I Win”

Finally, we get to a misconception that most newbie gamblers have. The opinion that playing longer will result in higher winnings does not apply only to online gambling. Most casino-goers believe this myth. However, the truth is that gambling relies on a random roll of the proverbial dice. Meaning, it doesn’t matter how long you play, but rather how lucky you get.

To illustrate what we mean, let us look at the famous coin flip example. When we flip a coin ten times, most people expect it would land on tails an equal amount of times as on heads. However, that is not necessarily the case. Because, every time we flip, the odds return to the initial 50/50. Meaning, ten coin tosses can result in the same result ten times.

The same can be said about slots. With each new spin of the reel, the odds return to zero, so our shot at winning is not increased. However, it isn’t decreased either. It simply remains the same as it has always been.


Online gambling has matured and developed as an industry. Games are now a lot safer and more complex. Websites offer some excellent bonuses and promotions, that make the practice a lot more enticing. And most importantly, regulation has ensured a better gambling experience for everyone involved.

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