Finding The Best Online Casino Tournaments and Prizes

When it comes to attracting and retaining customers, online casinos always look for novel approaches, such as introducing a flashy new bonus or organizing a rocking online casino tournament. Let us help you through these rewarding casino competitions and find the best gaming value this year.

Best Casino Tournaments Online in 2024

We’ve searched through our top-rated casino sites to see which tourney and events are hot this year. These promotions vary greatly and include daily or weekly leader board events plus network promotions from some of the world’s best casino software providers. With heaps of cash and spins up for grabs, regular players can gain extra value by participating and playing their favourite games.

  • Woo Casino: Daily Slot Race – $1,500 + 1,000 Free Spins Daily
  • Casino Rocket: Star Battle Tournament – $2,222 + 3,333 Free Spins Weekly
  • Loki Casino: Fugaso July Network Tournament – $125,000 Book of Billionaire
  • National Casino: €1,500 Weekly Queens Table Battle
  • FastPay Casino: 2,200 Daily Free Spins Tournament
  • Ripper Casino: BGaming $150,000 Mega Summer Drops (Random Cash Prizes)
  • 21Bit Casino: Wazdan Mystery Drop Network Promotion – $7,500,000
$5,200 Welcome Offer
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$8,000 Welcome Offer
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What are Online Casino Tournaments?

Tournaments can be compared to conventions in that they serve the same purpose of advertising. They allow players to win extra rewards that can be used on any of their favourite casino games and give gamers a fresh experience when they play, and win fabulous prizes!

There is no telling what casinos will come up with for tournament rewards, but they might be anything from bonus cash balance in the form of a free chip or free spins on new pokie games. Casino tournaments are available to enjoy online, including online slots, video poker, live games, and more.

While online casino tournaments can take many forms, they all share the element of a race against the clock. Placing in the winning ranks is based on the monetary value of stakes or victories. In some tournaments, you can score points according to how much money you win in a single spin or how much money you gamble. To reach the top, you need to rack up points. Simple.

The tournament’s point conversion system could also affect the number of points given out. You can discover all the information you need about how these points are calculated and the period for the tournament. To win, players must wager on chosen games during the promotional period and climb the leader board. The casino supplies this information in its Terms and Conditions.

You can monitor your standing in the competition by checking the live scoreboard, which will display everyone’s ranking points. Bonuses for various positions are displayed on a live scoreboard that all can view on the site. Tournaments in casinos typically need an “entry fee” as a minimum wager on eligible games. Thus, it’s uncommon to discover tournaments that don’t cost anything to enter.

For example, when playing real money games on the Woo Casino app, players are automatically enrolled in the weekly tournament. However, no initial financial commitment is required to join and begin playing. The tournament’s end will signal the distribution of awards to the victorious players.

Online Slots Tournaments

There are many different online slot tournaments to enjoy. One of the most significant ways to win big on pokie machines is to sign up for one of the online casinos. However, you may need to be made aware that there are numerous varieties of slot tournaments played in virtual spaces.

There are two types of tournaments: freeroll and buy-in, and knowing the difference between the two is crucial. That means there will be parallel shifts in both of these. These competitions are available at the leading online pokie sites. So no matter what regions players are in, there are tourneys available to suit everyone.

Generally, the best online casino sites will have tournaments for their pokies, these can include daily slot races, software provider promotions, and VIP wagering competitions for specific pokie titles.

Free slot tournaments

These competitions, often known as freeroll tournaments, do not require any financial investment on your part to participate. You won’t have to risk any of your money to take part. Freeroll slot tournaments are available on many of the largest online casinos, including those that provide sweepstakes cash prizes. These events give everyone the chance to explore fun games like dragon pokies and test the casino quality.

However, they are less widespread than online buy-in tournaments. Even though there is a reduced prize pool compared to a buy-in tournament, free slot tournaments are very popular. The most common online slot tournaments are the buy-in and freeroll varieties. However, many different tournament formats were created from these two foundational models, we’ve listed the main tournaments found at online casinos below.

  • Sit ‘n’ go tournaments, in which players pay an entrance fee into a tournament with a fixed number of spots and then wait (sit) for the event to fill up before continuing.
  • A “buy-in” event is one in which entrants must spend a certain sum to be given a “buy-in” of chips and enter the tournament.
  • VIP program – You can play in a tournament for free if you spend time or money at a casino and use points from a loyalty or VIP program.
  • Reloader tournament – If you lose all your chips or don’t play well, you can buy more for the next round in a reloader tournament.
  • Extender tournaments – Like reloaders, but with the option to purchase an add-on to increase your odds of winning.
  • Survivor tournaments are a variation of the standard tournament format in which only a set number of participants advance from each round.
  • One-shot tournaments are online slot tournaments that do not allow for extensions or reloads.
  • You can play in an online slot tournament without paying an entry fee by participating in a “freeroll tournament.”
online casino tournaments

Types of Online Casino Tournaments

A casino’s primary objective is to maintain its patrons’ interest. Therefore, it is not adequate to have one kind of tournament. Instead, there are various contests to choose from at multiple casinos. Check out the many distinct online casino tournament formats:

Freerolls: Low-stakes and recreational players will enjoy free tournaments, also known as “freerolls.” They typically don’t have entry fees or need deposits.

As a result, the prize is relatively small compared to those offered at high-stakes tournaments. Free contests typically offer meager cash prizes or gambling bonuses.

Real-Money: Payers commonly use the terms “classic” and “regular” to refer to Real-Money transactions. These tournaments often span several days and feature round-robin elimination play.

Real-money casino tournaments are available for select casino games. Your eligibility to win the grand prize begins when you log in and place bets on a qualifying game. Typically, the prize pool for these competitions is split among the top 50/100 players.

Event Tickets: Some businesses appreciate repeating customers so much that they reward them with special perks. Private invitation-only tournaments typically have a large prize pool and a strict time limit.

Casinos will occasionally issue VIPs special invitations to tournaments as a thank-you for their continued business.

VIP Tournaments: It’s common for casinos to host tournaments exclusively for high rollers and other notable players. High-stakes players only have one chance to impress at exclusive tournaments.

The stakes are tremendous, but so are the rewards. Even if you don’t win, you can still enjoy yourself and go home with a grin. The top ten winners in VIP tournaments deserve special recognition.