A Guide to Online Plinko Gambling

January 19, 2023
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Learn How To Play Plinko Games Online Today

The Plinko casino game is like an arcade game with different promotions and options available from gaming providers at Australian online casinos. In the game, players roll a ball down a maze of several pins, and the box where the ball lands decides the winning payout amount.

Plinko gambling became popular due to a TV entertainment show called ‘The Price is Right’. It follows the same concept as the show, but instead of prizes, players are paid out in cash winnings by casino sites. Keep reading this guide to learn more about this unique type of game and see which online casinos have the best plinko action this year.

Best Plinko Gambling Sites

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How to Play Plinko Games?

No matter where the plinko casino games are being played, the basics remain the same. The gameplay is very simple. You will find a pyramid-style game board in every Plinko casino game with a maze of pegs.

As the plinko gambling begins, many balls roll from the pyramid’s top. As they descend, the pegs deflect them. The course of the ball is then mapped by the pegs until the ball reaches the pyramid’s bottom and lands on a specific slot that decides the winning amount in the game.

Players can choose one of the ball options or Plinko chips as per their requirement, and place a minimum wager before they click on the ‘Play’ button for playing Plinko in an online casino, and the balls will start to roll down the pyramid.

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Important Features of Plinko Gambling Games

While some games have a steep learning curve, with many rules and options to understand, this one is different. Plinko is a simple online casino game with some unique options that allow individuals to customize the game and enjoy the best gambling experience. We look at this type of game’s top features below.

Auto Bet Mode

This is different from the Auto Mode you find in online pokies. It allows players to roll down a stream of balls and place a wager on every ball in quick succession simply by clicking on the ‘Play’ button simultaneously, provided the players have enough free spins and casino credits. Players can either choose one out of three colours or all three colours simultaneously to play the game. Red comes with the highest payout value.

However, it has the same time limit. Red also has a higher loss chance. Thus, you need to choose the balls wisely. The Auto Mode in the Plinko game lets players specify how many wagers and free spins they prefer to place at a time. It has a minimum and maximum bet of 10 and 1000, respectively. If you do not want to use Auto Mode, simply click on the ‘Stop Auto Betting’ button.

Adjust the Risk Level

Plink gem lets players adjust the risk level in the game. You can choose from low, normal, and high-risk. The higher the risk, the higher the payout level. Nevertheless, in a few online casinos that offer online plinko games, there are balls of various colours, rather than a categorized risk level.

Verify with Provably Fair Results

Plinko is a provably fair casino game. These type of games gained notoriety with the boom of Bitcoin casinos. This feature provides players with a piece of code known as a hash, and can be used to verify the fairness of the games result on the blockchain.

How to Win at Plinko Gambling?

When you click on the ‘Bet’ button, a chip will be released, which means it’s way between the pins and ultimately lands on a pocket given at the bottom of the screen.
The space where it falls is the prize that you will win. It can be a multiplier, which is only part of your bet, or one much higher than your bet. As soon as the chip is released, you do nothing except watch the action unfold.

The randomness of the game is fun and thrilling. But you have to appreciate the format to enjoy it. Since popular online casinos cater to this market, players have begun to appreciate fairness and security. Now there’s no more double guessing, with the option to double-check the outcomes of every round through the algorithms.

Tips to Play Plinko Casino Game for Beginners

The outcome depends on the trajectory the ball takes, and the ultimate destination of the ball depends on how strategically you place the pegs at the bottom of the pyramid. Thus, players should drop the ball in such a manner that it travels in the all-right or all-left path to receive optimum returns.

If you are new to the game, you should try dropping the ball in the ways given to maximize payouts. When playing at online casino sites, this action is done by clicking a button, with balls dropped from the top of the screen.

  • The ball needs to be dropped by either side to improve your chances of landing on higher payout slots.
  • The more balls you drop, the higher chance of one hitting a payout number, however this also increases the overall stake.
  • The ball must be dropped with a few spaces from the center to increase your chances of getting optimum deflection to land on slots with higher payouts.
  • Choose 12, 14, 16 or more pins to help reduce/raise the risk based on your gambling strategy.
  • Manage your bankroll. Decide how much to spend on each plinko ball, and how much to stake per betting round. By doing this, and finding an optimal risk/reward stategy, casino plinko players can increase the chances of winning.

Plinko Payouts

The amount of money you can win gambling on Plinko depends on the software provider. There are several studios that create plinko casino games, including BGaming, Spribe, Smartsoft, and TurboGames. The Spribe plinko game has a maximum win of 555x, while the Plinko gamble options from BGaming provide payouts up to 1,000x. This means casino players wagering $10 per ball can get lucky and win up to $10,000 on the best titles.

Things You Should Know Before Starting Plinko Gambling

Although Plinko Game is easy to play, there are a few time-tested tips that can enable players to become a professional at these games.

  • Players should be aware that there are some rewarding prizes or promotions for them after each round of the game, but the reward or prize might not always be big. They are much smaller than the bets you are placing.
  • This game is for fun and players should instantly stop when it feels like it has become an obligation to earn money.
  • You should always follow the game’s rules
  • Always decide on a budget before you start playing this exciting game. When you stick to the budget, you can avoid unnecessary losses.
  • You should always play Plinko responsibly and at a casino with an online gambling license.

Online Plinko Casino Game Providers

There are many software providers who supply online casinos with pokies, table games, live dealers, and these new fast-paced instant win titles. The most prominent online plinko providers include BGaming, Smartsoft, TurboGames, and Spribe. These studios and their fun ball games are available at Australian casino sites, and offer many exciting instant win games like Dice, Mines, Aviator, Keno, Heads & Tails, Magic Wheel, Goal, and of course, the best online casino plinko games.

Best Online Games

  • Plinko (BGaming)
  • Plinko XY (BGaming)
  • PlinkoX (Smartsoft)
  • Turbo Plinko (TurboGames)
  • Traditional Plinko (Spribe)


Online Plinko gambling at casinos is one of the most convenient ways to have a blast and try to win real money online. This game is hugely popular in Japan, but is growing with a large fan base in Australia. Playing plinko online is super easy, and with convenient betting buttons, wide bet limits, and high payouts, it’s the perfect option for thrill seekers looking to win cash today.

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