4 Things You Don’t Do in A Casino


When you gamble in casinos, there are things you learn to do, and things you know you shouldn’t do. Gambling used to have a bad image around the world, but it’s more respectable and classier now. There are a few things you need to learn about good etiquette to avoid getting yourself into hot water. We’ll take a look at a few in this article.

Listen Closely To What The Dealer Says

The dealer/croupier is in charge of the table. If they say something, treat it as law. One of the worst things you can do is to ignore the dealer or continue betting when you hear “no more bets”. It’s bad table etiquette and could make your bet not count. If you’re not sure, just watch the table for a while before playing so you get a good idea.

String Betting

The string bet is an unethical poker move where a player continues to reach back for more chips. An attentive table and dealer will call you up on this and make your first action binding.

Reaching back for more chips is considered poor etiquette as you could be seen to trying to get a reaction. In reality, it’s usually just a silly mistake from an inexperienced player. Nevertheless, you can avoid this by simply announcing your bet size.

Not Tipping

I know it may seem a cultural thing but not tipping at all is pretty uncool in casinos. Don’t feel like you need to tip massive amounts like others but not tipping can put a mark on you. I don’t believe in superstitious stuff but I do believe in dealers with grudges! It’s best to make friends than enemies so remember to tip when you gamble.

Loud Outbursts

Please don’t be the drunken fools that you can hear going crazy. Casinos are meant to be a fun and entertaining place. Hearing people get angry, shouting or cursing at dealer ruins the experience.

You discredit yourself and you ruin it for other gamblers. People have a good memory too and will remember you next time. Do you really want a bad image and be remembered for being a crazy person?

Stay composed, don’t shout at the dealer. If you can’t hack losing money, then you shouldn’t be gambling. Remember to gamble responsibly.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 4 things you shouldn’t do in casinos. If you avoid these things, you will be respected, make more friends and ensure everyone around you is more likely to have a good time. Remember, not everyone comes to a casino to make money. Some people just want to have an entertaining time in good company.

4 things you don't do in a casino
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