Why Do Withdrawal Times at Casinos Vary?

Michael H
March 11, 2022
casino withdrawal times

If you’re an experienced casino player that has used several gambling sites, chances are that you are well-familiar with the varying time of a withdrawal from one casino to another. Some sites pay within hours or even instantly, while others will take several days to process your cashout. Now, why is this? There is no one answer to this question, but the reasons may be many, including the following:

  • The working hours of the staff at the casino
  • The number of people employed to handle withdrawals
  • The number of people gambling at the casino site
  • The casino having better or worse internal processes
  • How much the casino cares about fast withdrawal times

With every casino, there’s a challenge to balance the incoming withdrawal requests with the resources at hand to handle these. Some of the best casinos have made it a selling point to have fast withdrawals in order to get an edge over other gambling sites. The online gambling industry is incredibly competitive, so every little thing counts. Something that some sites have realized and chosen to invest in.

However, other casinos may not share the same idea. Their budgets may be limited and spending extra just so players can get paid faster may not be a good business decision for them. For instance, a fast-paying casino will have staff working with withdrawals all-around the clock, which may be more costly than just having the personnel working the traditional 9 to 17 shifts.

But there’s more to it. Internal processes play a very important role in the gambling experience at a casino, including withdrawal times. For instance, who is able to actually process withdrawal requests at a casino? Is it only a dedicated payments department or are support agents also authorized to do it?

This can make a big difference in the efficiency of the company as if the support isn’t getting any contacts while the payments department have a ton to do, the support could simply chip in. The same logic applies to verification and checking for bonus abuse, which is something that withdrawals can be slowed down by. The more individual departments there are, the slower the process may be.

Of course, this is not always true as it all depends on how well they work together. This is why a casino that offers fast withdrawals is likely to be a quality one. They have probably not just invested money in over-staffing, but have made sure that their business structure is efficient. And if they have done it in order to make withdrawals work, they have probably applied the same mindset throughout the company.

More or less atomization is another factor included in a casino’s internal processes, which can speed up withdrawals by a lot. Many casinos that offer fast withdrawals have a business system that allows for some cashouts to be automatically processed. When certain parameters are met, the withdrawal does not require manual checking, which means that the workload on the payments department is reduced.

A Note About Transaction Times

When talking about withdrawal times, it is important to understand there are some things that the casinos can not affect. They are responsible for the time it takes to send you the money after you’ve requested a cashout. However, once that is done, they are not responsible for how long it takes until you receive it. This all has to do with the transaction time of your chosen payment method.

For instance, e-Wallets such as Skrill have no transaction time at all, which means that the money is received instantly as soon as it is sent. Bank transfer and debit card withdrawals, on the other hand, have a transaction time of up to several days.

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