When Will The Pokies Reopen In Australia?

When will the pokies reopen in Australia? Many people are asking this question lately. While most of the country’s states have slowly started to open their pokie venues, the state of Victoria went through a lengthy lockdown to stop the spread of corona virus throughout the state. As of November things are starting to get back to normal and the pokies are now back open for business.

November 2020 Update

On October 27th 2020, the lock down in Melbourne finally came to an end. From this date residents are allowed to leave their houses, no curfews are imposed, and shops & businesses have started reopening. This has included pokies venues with those in the hospitality industry following strict guidelines for public health and safety related to the virus. Currently residents must wear masks when indoors in venues and will apply for anyone playing pokies.

This means that at the pokies not all machines will be open, they will also have a limit on how many people they can have in the building at once, this is to help maintain a safe environment for the public. The great news is that if anyone wants to go out, to the shops or just out to have a quick session at the pokies, this is now possible in Victoria.

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When Will The Pokies Reopen In Victoria?

It’s sad news for pokie fans in Victoria. While the government had initially planned for the pokies to reopen in Victoria on July 20, the massive rise in cases and implementation of Stage 3, then Stage 4 lockdowns, means that all non-essential businesses have to remain closed.

This news is frustrating for pokie players in Australia’s second-biggest state. The earliest potential date that the pokies could reopen in Victoria would be mid-september when the current lockdown period ends. However, this is all dependent on how the public health situation plays out.

The Corona Virus has continued to grow in a second wave in Australia, with the state of Victoria being the worse affected. The state is currently under Stage 4 lockdown restrictions with the following rules in place: 

  • People must wear a face mask when leaving their home. 
  • People can’t be with more than one other person and must maintain 1.5m distance. 
  • A nightly curfew from 8 pm – 5 am. Residents must not leave their house unless they have a special work permit.
  • People must do their essential shopping & travel within 5km from the home address.
  • People can only leave their house for one of these four reasons: Purchase food & essential supplies, For study or work, For care & healthcare and Exercise (for up to one hour, once per day)

It’s no surprise that Victorians ask when the pokies will reopen, with the state going through a very tough period of isolation. But, under these tight new restrictions, it’s no surprise that pubs, clubs, and pokie venues are all currently still shut. The state is going through significant changes to battle the rise in virus cases and keep the public safe. Pokie venues fall under bars, clubs, pubs, and are therefore seen as non-essential businesses and are required to remain closed, as patrons cannot visit these locations. 

when will pokies reopen australia

When Will The Pokies Reopen In New South Wales? 

What about other states? Are the pokies open in New South Wales? Well, it’s good news for those who live there, with pubs, clubs & pokie venues currently open. The guidelines for the local pokies venues to follow is under the Pubs, Clubs, Bars, Breweries & Casinos section. 

In NSW, businesses can now open to the public as long as they follow the ‘One Person Per 4 Square Metre’ rule. This measure is to ensure people are practicing safe social distancing while out in public. 

The NSW government has recommended people to wear a face mask when they’re out & about, and they need to maintain 1.5 meters distance from other people. Pokie sites must not exceed a maximum capacity of 300 patrons. They must also ensure there is at least 1.5 meters distance between gaming machines; many places have achieved this by turning off every second machine to provide a safer gaming environment for their customers. 

For players in other states around Australia, including Queensland, South Australia, Northern Territory, Western Australia, and Tasmania, the news is good, with many pokie venues reopened to the public, as long as they follow strict social distancing and health measures.

Where To Play Pokies In 2020

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pokies Open Now?

Yes, the pokies are open in all states around Australia, with Victoria opening back up to the public in November. People currently have to wear face masks while indoors in establishments and follow social distancing rules while at the pokies.

When Will Pokies Reopen In Victoria?

All pokies were shut during the lock down in Victoria. The state has opened up from November and things look to be getting back to normal. As of now pokie venues in Melbourne & Victoria are open to the public.

What Is The Best Australian Online Pokie Site?

There are a number of gaming sites that make our list for the best Australian online pokie site. Each one of them is unique in their own way, but our overall favorite place to play is at WooCasino. They have over 4000 games, 20+ payment methods, quick withdrawals, and amazing bonuses.